Simon & Max love to shop!

Simon & Max love to shop!

This business of reinventing myself this time feels harder than other times. Not sure why. Maybe because I have no idea where I am going? I feel lately I am tip toe-ing around the days because things are pretty peaceful here and why upset the apple cart. Well because perfectly uniform and organized apple carts are boring. In the meantime while this process is playing out I will jump at the chance to do anything creative! In edition to melting glass I am knitting totes using recycled plastic bags and colorful yarns. I'll show you later!

I am not a shopper! These 2 pups though Love to shop! The pups make me laugh 
and this makes a shopping excursion far more manageable for me. I wish I could train the dogs to carry this stuff up to the second floor deck where I have a good size container garden. So fun opening the door in the summer and picking my dinner!

~til soon...




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