Don't Listen to 'They' This Time!

Don't Listen to 'They' This Time!

Don't listen to 'they' this time!  
This is the first thing that came to mind when I decided it is time to once again reinvent myself.  
Nothing is wrong in my world.  I just have an overwhelming desire to shake things up!

‘They’ said I could not drive a rig.    
“You’re too small, your feet won’t reach the pedals.”
I was a long haul trucker from the late eighties until
I bumped into a glass beadmaking demonstration in 1993.

They’ said you can’t make a living as an artist.
“You’re going to sell handmade glass beads for a living?”
I have been doing so, more or less, through recessions, floods    
and pestilence! Oh! Did I mention the awards along the way?

‘They’ said you can never own a home on the ocean.
“Are you crazy? Buy a home on the ocean while making and selling
glass beads for a living?”
Yep, yep and yep. Hence the floods.

Then the magic happened!  As if all the other parts were not magical!
In 2012 my beloved Simon, my Cavalier King Charles, came to me as a
3 month old puppy.  I am madly in love with Simon and am drawn to shaggy little
canines ever since.
In fact we just added Max to our family, our little off white shaggy Malti mix rescue.

Since 2012 when Simon entered my world until today I have been trying,
kind of half heartedly, to make dogs the focal point of my existence.
I began to draw dogs, tried painting dogs. Tried mosaics. That was a trip!
I continue to make and sell glass dogs - pendants, bottle stoppers, lamp finials, and drawer pulls. 

I day dream about shaking things up.  
I am leaning toward wanting a doggy door and a good size fenced in yard filled with puppies.  This may mean I have to move. Hmmm...
Do I want to rescue dogs, train dogs, groom dogs, dog walk & sit?  
I don’t really know any of the details.
Will I still melt glass?  Maybe.
It is still one of the few things in life that holds my attention for more than a
nano second.

My plan is to mix all my life experiences and my creativity to
figure out a way to get from here to there while making a living. 
Hey someone’s got to buy the kibble!

I would love to hear your stories about how you reinvented yourself!



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Marj…you are doing it…one day at a time. Known you for less than 24 hours, but love of dogs binds as well as…kindness, honesty and LOVE…PEACE MARJ

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