Handmade Venetian Glass Art

Custom designs made with the ancient technique of lampworking

Venetian Glass lamp finials, translucent cobalt blue

Lamp finials

Cabinet Knobs


Pull Chains

Wine Stoppers



Venetian Glass Lampworking

The mandrel wound technique I use is an ancient technique known as Lampwork. Using a torch system I melt a variety of glasses around a steel mandrel. Each design is achieved by layering and manipulating different colors and types of glass.  Often silver, gold and enamels are included in my designs.
Each glass object is then annealed in a kiln; a precise and slow process. This assures a high quality object that will not break.

Please note: I do not use glue to attach glass to hardware. I shape the molten glass directly on the hardware I designed. The glass will not come off the hardware.

~ Marj Bates Studio